RAISE Challenge Fund

Unlocking potential in organisations to build a thriving, vibrant and growing voluntary sector

RAISE launched the RAISE Challenge Fund in early 2015 in order to help groups and organisations to achieve greater results for their local communities by supporting them to grow, develop and overcome barriers. The £125,000 fund sought to stimulate innovation, good ideas, creative thinking, resourcefulness and possibly some considered risk taking.

13 grants totalling £116,537.76 were finally awarded to a wide range of organisations across the South East, with grant amounts ranging from £1,600 to £14,467. More information.

Through the Challenge Fund RAISE has given support to groups in the early stages of formation and development as well as more established and experienced charities. A small residual amount remains in the Fund (£8,462) which will be donated to our Fund partner the Community Foundation for Surrey to form the basis of a permanent endowment fund to promote the ongoing aims of the RAISE Challenge Fund in Surrey and potentially inspire other funders across the South East.

The grants process and effects is to be evaluated during the second half of 2016. The evaluation will be commissioned by Community Foundation for Surrey using terms of reference developed by RAISE prior to its closure. The evaluation will be widely disseminated and available on both the RAISE and CFS websites at that time.

RAISE would like to thank Community Foundation for Surrey for providing assistance and processes during the grants process and delivery and also to James Hambro & Partners for the practical support they provided to the grants panel.

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